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‘Wild dogs’

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At the shelter we have a group of around 10 dogs, that we affectionally refer to as the ‘wild dogs’. 

These are all dogs that we have rescued over the years, that unfortunately due to one reason or another are not able to be re-homed. 

This lovely lady is a good example….. Before she was brought to us we do not know what sort of life she lived, we know it can not have been a very nice one, as she is soo distrustful of humans…… she runs and hides whenever we come near her….

She was found beside the main road, where she had been hit by a car and left for dead.

Now she lives in our open area with the other 10, where hey have houses, trees and bushes where they can hide and feel safe.

All these dogs would be just wondering the roads, if they did not live with us, they have a huge area where they can roam free, but safely…. with no worry of humans causing them harm.

We never give up hope that they will become more friendly, and possibly one day might find a home….. never say never!  We work daily with each of them, sometimes just sitting there quietly with them, letting them know that we mean them no harm.

If you would like to sponsor one of these angels, and help towards their feeding and veterinary costs, it would mean a great deal to us and them. 

sitianimalrescue‘Wild dogs’

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