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Hereditary defects

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It has often been a source of puzzlement to me that whilst there are unlimited numbers of stray dogs and the shelters are full to overflowing with delightful animals deserving of a home people still go and spend hundreds, even thousands on a pedigree dog from a breeder which unfortunately can come with built in problems. If, however, you decide that is the path you wish to follow, you need to be aware of the hidden defects that can plague any number of breeds. So before buying, please research.

Hip Displacia (HD)
Occurs when the joint at top of the back leg (commonly called a ball and socket joint) is not properly formed causing lameness.
This can be a very painful condition and may require major orthopaedic surgery. It tends to be found in larger breeds

Hereditary Cataracts
This results in the dogs vision being impaired and can lead to blindness. The first signs are a cloudy appearance on th dogs eye. This can sometimes be corrected by surgery. This condition affects 80% of recognised breeds

Collie eye anomaly
A congenital eye condition found in most types of collie caused by a defective gene and leads to total blindness. There is no cure.

Luxating patella.
Occurs when the patella (kneecap) moves slightly causing lameness. Can be corrected by surgery

A particular unpleasant condition when the lower eyelid has excess skin exposing the inner part of the lid. This can be corrected by surgery

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
 A condition that is basically a degeneration of the retina, leading to total blindness. There is no cure

Congenital Deafness. Exactly what it says. The dog is born deaf, particularly common in pure white dogs. There is no cure.

This is a brain disorder causing the dog to have seizures. This is generally controlled by medication There is no cure.

Intervertebral Disc Disease.(IDD)
Discs between the vertebra which act as shock absorbers start to degenerate. This can be a particularly painful condition which may require major orthopaedic surgery

Breathing difficulties.
Caused by the breeding of dogs with distorted facial features which results in flattened face making it difficult for the dog to inhale sufficient oxygen for its needs. There is no cure.

Distichiasis. An eye condition where a second set of eyelashes grow causing irritation. It is corrected by surgery

Where the eye lashes turn inwards and cause irritation to the eye.
It is corrected by surgery.

Overshot and undershot jaw.
This is where the top and bottom jaws are not in alignment. This can be congenital.

Please be aware that the purchase of animals is protected under both European and UK law and whilst the wording differs the law is basically the same. There are however two issues of which you need to be aware.
If you demand your money back then you almost certainly have to return the puppy.
Also, some of the defects I have raised won’t become obvious until after 6 months from the date of sale. This may require you to engage an authority on the subject in order to prove that the seller is responsible.
You are probably best advised to seek legal advice from the outset and you should understand that in a court of law even if you receive judgement in your favour and receive compensation, depending on the wording you still may have to return the dog.




Money can buy you a fine dog but only love can make him wag his tail.
Kinky Friedman.

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