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Date of birth: 10/08/2018

Sex: Female

Colour: White

Size: medium – large

Zoe unfortunately has the blood condition called Leishmaniasis.  Which is contracted through infected mosquito bites.  This can only be passed to other dogs through mosquito’s or from an open sore (blood to blood contact)  It makes it very hard to find Zoe a forever home, the chance of her passing on the condition to other dogs, is very slim, but there is still that chance.

So she remains with us, where she can undergo treatment, in the form of medication, regular 6 month check ups and blood testing.

Zoe has a wonderful character, she is full of life, and just wants to play with the other dogs and visitors.  she loves cuddles! she will stand on her back legs so that she can place her head on your shoulder!

If you would like to sponsor Zoe, and help cover her monthly costs, which cover food, water, vaccinations, flea and tick treatments, medications and general care needs, please get in touch


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