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We save cats too..

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Nellies story…

Nellie’s story began on a hot summer’s day in 2015 when the sound of a mewing kitten could be heard coming from the bottom of a large rubbish bin on Sitia seafront.  But the kitten was not scavenging for food — she had been tied up in a plastic bag and tossed in with the trash to die.

The kind-hearted passer-by pulled the bag containing the crying kitten out of the bin and took it to Sitia Animal Rescue where, as luck would have it, the vet from Forderverein Arche Noah Kreta e.V.  was paying a visit for one of the regular neutering sessions.  The little kitten was found to have one badly damaged eye and was operated on immediately to remove it.


But what’s the future for an undernourished one-eyed feral kitten?  It couldn’t just be put back on the street, where it would surely die.  The kitten’s plight attracted the attention of one of the UK’s largest-circulation newspapers, which published her story online and the work being done by Sitia Animal Rescue.  That story from 2015 is still on the internet and you can read it here:


And what of Nellie today?  Did the story have a happy ending? You bet it did!  After being fostered here in Sitia for a few more weeks until she was old enough to travel, Nellie was then given all the necessary jabs, together with a pet passport, and flown to England to begin a new life with her British “mum and dad.”


Written by : Michael Fairbairn

sitianimalrescueWe save cats too..

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