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Toilet training:

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Generally a fairly simple process if we follow the rules. Now in the majority of instances it doesn’t matter if it is a puppy or a rescue dog, the system is the same. In the olden days, when I was a lad, a very long time ago, the habit was to tell the dog off for having an accident indoors and in extreme cases ignorant owners would rub their dogs noses in the mess. Even in those days I could see the futility in this and what’s more the errant puppy would fairly soon come and want to give everyone a wet sloppy kiss!! We are going to start with what is the golden rule for toilet training. “Praise and reward outdoors – ignore indoors.” This is based on the fact that dogs are logical, unlike us humans who have to be the most illogical creatures in the planet!! And it works like this; taking the dog outside several times a day waiting for it to put its bottom to the ground and as soon as It does we gently praise and reward, titbits should be small, the size of small kibble, one piece only and puppies should always be taken out straight after meals Now the indoor bit, if you find that puppy has done something indoors you must ignore this. Why? Because chastising a dog for something that he did 30 seconds ago is a complete waste of time and can damage your relationship with your dog. Obviously if he does something in front of you then you can indicate displeasure but keep It low key It doesn’t take long for puppy to work out that for some reason the strange humans get very enthusiastic and give rewards when we do our toilet outdoors and give nothing when we do it indoors. In extreme cases we are going to have to resort to what is known as cage training, not that there is anything wrong with this method and using a cage can have other benefits but It does involve owners in the expense of purchasing a  suitable cage, I will come back to cage training in the very near future. One final thought, even if you have toilet trained your dog to perfection, please remember that very old dogs (sorry, being politically correct, we must now refer to them as canine seniors!) may need to go out more for toilet breaks. The consequence of age!! 🐶R🐹

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