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F.A.Q Part 1

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Is my dog descended from wolves?                            (Yes)
Your dog, regardless of breed, from a Pekingnese to a great Dane is descended from the grey wolf. The diversity of appearance is only due to selective breeding. Some scientists, however, only refer to dogs as a sub species of the wolf. Take your pick, if the scientists can’t totally agree we have no chance!

Does my dog see in black an white?                            (No)
Most dogs see in colour, albeit somewhat restricted. See the previous blog on vision

Do I get a male or female dog?                                     (Y/N)
There is no simple answer to this question, but it is generally considered that females make better family pets

Does the way I feed my dog affect his behaviour?     (Yes)
The family pet needs a totally different diet than a working dog.
Working dogs ie sheep dogs need a higher protein intake to compensate for the calories used and should be fed accordingly.
A family pet fed on this high protein diet may well show signs of hyperactivity and strange behaviour.

Should I have my dog neutered?                               (Yes)
Female dogs who are not neutered are susceptible to a condition called pyometra (inflammation of the womb,) which, if not diagnosed early can be fatal. Having a season once or twice a year is a pain for most owners. Males queuing up outside, restricted walks, mess on the carpets and soft furnishings
Male dogs that are neutered are less likely to be aggressive, less likely to wander. For the benefit of male readers the dog is not so attached to this part of his anatomy as you!! Get a grip lads there is no need for the sharp intake of breath or crossing of legs. As the saying goes: “Real men have their dogs neutered”

Should my dog have puppies before being neutered? (No)
There is a myth that females need to have puppies because they need to be “fulfilled” There is no scientific or practical evidence to back this statement.

Should I allow my make dog to be used at stud?          (No)
Once a dog has savoured the delights he will want more…
think about it fellas!!!

Will my working dog be less effective if he is
neutered?                                                                      (No)
There is no evidence that a working dogs efficiently is impaired  by neutering. As an example Guide dogs for the Blind are always  neutered so that they are not distracted.


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