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Firstly we are sorry to have ben offline for a while, we have experienced some technical issues beyond our control.

It has been a hard few months for us all, not just the people that volunteer at our shelter, but the people that give up there time and energy to care for the many street cats and dogs as well.

Some people have not been able to get out and care for the stray animals that they normal visit daily as often, and others have found they have more strays to care for.

At the shelter we were worried that we would not be able get to the shelter, that we may have been stopped by a police check, but with help from Dimos we were issued papers that meant we were able to carry on as close to normal as we can. And we have had volunteers there every day, for feeding, cleaning and socialising.

One of our main concerns has been food. Would we have enough if things became worse? With adoptions being at an all time low, due to quaratntine and no travelling. There was big concerns that deliveries would not be able to get through, or even that they may not be food being brought to the island at all. And with over 70 dogs at the shelter and numerous strays living on the streets, a relying on us more than ever for their food and care, to say we were worried is putting it mildly.

but in our time of need, our friends and supporters were there for us and we can not thank you enough.

We have had donations of dry adult and puppy food, dry powdered puppy milk and some very high quality puppy food.

Our supplies are now full, to hopefully see us through the rest of this storm. Thankyou to everyone who has shown us love and support in these hard times, please continue to help us to help the animals, and if you go for a walk, maybe take a handful of food with you, the strays of our town and surrounding villages would appreciate.

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