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Pilar & family

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One morning we had a phone call, from someone who does not want to be named… About her dog that had given birth, at the village of Pilalimata.  She did not want to keep the puppies, and demanded that we come and take them, or she would “take care of the issue herself”

So one of our volunteers, who was already in the area, said she would drive past and check out the situation.

What she found just past Pilalimata…. (why we called her Pilar) was a mummy with her pups, living in a wooden box….. exposed to the cold wet winter weather….

Mum/Pilar was soo skinny you could see all her bones, it was amazing her puppies were in such good condition, especially when you consider she had been living off cucumber!

We can not just take the dogs… this is against the law and could cause serious leagl issues…. We have to be given the animals, and the owner was nowhere around, the heart breaking choice had to be made to leave with out them, and contact the owner to arrange a collection.  The volunteer left some food and water, and with a very heavy heart had to head back to the office.

We were able to track down the owner and arrange collection the following day… but when our volunteer arrived at the same location, the puppies were missing!

The owner claimed that maybe they had run away! one month old puppies, who need to feed every 2 hours… run away…. not convinced!

Neither was our volunteer, and after what seemed like hours of discussion, the owner admitted to dumping them further down the road….

So we finally had the puppies…. but what about the poor mum! firstly these angels were still nursing every 2 hours!  And if we did take them and bottle feed them, what would happen to mummy Pilar? live the rest of her life on that chain…. eating cucumber?  No way….

We managed to convince the owner….. which was not easy… to hand over mum as well.

So we managed to get the family back to our shelter. and then set about making sure their were no health issues, some food for them all, and a warm bed.

Due to the ages of the puppies, and the state of mummy Pilar… we decided to wait until the puppies were older and weaned, and mummy had put on weight and was healthy again, before we would put them up for adoption.

These angels were not up for adoption for long… within a month Pilar and all the puppies had been adopted and off to their new homes…

Here are some photos we have been sent from all their new families of them in their new homes…

sitianimalrescuePilar & family

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